Accessories for Watching TV with Hearing Aids

It is undeniable that televisions have gone through a miraculous evolution over the years.  The one feature of a television that seems like it has not benefitted from technological advances, however, is the sound.  Sometimes the sound suffers due to the placement of the speakers and sometimes the sound suffers due to a lack of speakers to honor the sleek design.  Whatever the reason, the result is often a bombardment of background noises and unclear dialogue.

Difficulty hearing the TV is a common early symptom of people who are starting to experience hearing loss.  It is often an impactful symptom because it may rob people of an enjoyable, and often bonding, family ritual.  Fortunately, customized hearing aids from a reputable hearing healthcare provider can alleviate a variety of hearing loss issues, including struggling to hear your favorite show or movie.  

If your hearing aids have improved your television watching experience, but not quite to the level you’d like, there are some accessories out there to enhance your TV sound.

Wireless TV Headphones

There are many, many wireless TV headphones to choose from, so take the time to find the right pair for your life.  Wireless headphones (on-ear or over-the-ear), especially the noise-cancelling type, can make the audio from the TV clearer by filtering out other distracting background noises and streaming directly into the ears.  Most TV headphones have volume controls which allow the user to customize the noise level.  This option will require some research and a little bit of patience to find the right headphones for your TV and your budget – one type does not fit all.  Remember that ear buds cannot be used with hearing aids, so avoid television assist headphones that fit in the ear.

Wireless Streaming Devices

Most newer hearing aid models come with built-in television settings to boost clarity and tone.  However, there are times when you may still need some extra help. Wireless streaming to hearing aids is a growing segment that provides a lot of hope for tackling challenging noise environments.  Some wireless options let you switch from TV to phone quickly so you can seamlessly answer a call during your favorite program.  Some streaming options allow you to connect your hearing aids directly to your smart phone so your phone can then become your volume control which allows you to discreetly make adjustments in any situation.  With some wireless devices, your phone can also become a speaker you can strategically place to maximize your listening experience.

Sound Bars

Sound bars are long, sleek, bar-shaped speaker devices that easily connect to the TV to boost sub-optimal TV audio.  Sound bars are a more compact, and more economical, version of a surround-sound home system.  Most sound bars boost all the audio, but a company called Zvox produces a sound bar with Accuvoice which focuses on amplifying the dialogue while reducing loud background noises.

The point of all of this is that these devices are meant to work with your hearing aid to help create the optimal hearing environment for you.  The key is finding the right combination for your lifestyle and it all starts with your hearing healthcare specialist.    Tell them your hearing goals, hobbies and preferred lifestyle so they can customize a hearing healthcare plan for you.

Not all TV accessories and hearing aids are compatible, so take your time and find the right solution.  We can help!  Make an appointment to schedule a hearing consultation today.

 2017-08-05 04:26:48