Five Obstacles that Keep Your Hearing Aids Out of Your Ears

Are your hearing aids in your ears? If not, where are they? A desk drawer, car console, nightstand? Hearing aids are amazing technological products that enhance your hearing and well-being if you wear them. Regretfully, if your hearing aids are seeing little or no use, you are not alone. A study conducted at Johns Hopkins University found that only one in seven people with a hearing loss over the age of 50 use their hearing aids. While it is true that hearing aids are complicated pieces of technology that do need attention, their benefits far outweigh the occasional inconvenience. Sadly, many wearers let a negative experience stop them from using their hearing aids.


It is typical for new hearing aid wearers to expect a quick return of their hearing to a reasonable level. You will be disappointed because new hearing aids require an adjustment period. Be patient and allow six to eight weeks for your brain to make the necessary adjustments.

A Poor Fitting Device

Physical discomfort is a highly understandable reason many discontinue hearing aid use. Perhaps they itch, rub, or fit your ear in a way that compromises the quality of the sound you receive? The problem of a poor fit is an easy fix. A simple adjustment or even a new ear mold can do wonders for your ear comfort.

Noise, Noise, Noise

Are you are a new hearing aid wearer experiencing excessive noise? The sound is often a product of a wearer immediately using new hearing aids in a noisy environment without an adjustment period. Use the devices in quieter settings first and then gradually work up to loud environments. Of course, you can always upgrade your hearing aids for a newer model that blocks background noise while efficiently boosting speech.

Wrong Hearing Aid

It is essential to select a hearing device that is appropriate to your individual needs. Your hearing loss is unique so realize that a hearing aid is not a one size fits all solution for your hearing loss. Take your time when considering a hearing aid by selecting a programmable model that amplifies certain sounds while suppressing others.


As discussed above, hearing loss is unique. Because hearing changes, the need for modifications in programming increases. Updating your hearing aids is a simple process, so please do not let an outdated prescription prevent you from using your hearing aids.

A Second Chance

If you are patient with your hearing aids and have made the necessary adjustments, you will position yourself for a positive hearing aid experience. With proper fitting hearing aids, you can enjoy all of the benefits that hearing aids provide:

  • You will be able to hear better
  • You will make your spouse happy
  • You can listen to and enjoy your favorite music
  • You can binge watch your favorite television series
  • It is a big confidence booster

Your hearing aid is capable of enhancing your communication with family and friends if you wear it. So do not allow a poor fit, excessive noise, lousy programming, or a lack of patience keep you from using your hearing aids.










 2017-11-08 05:07:54