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Making Father’s Day Special When Dad Has Hearing Loss

As Father’s Day rapidly approaches you are likely making plans for the day. If the father in your life has difficulty hearing, you might be searching for activities or gifts that will make his day memorable. There are unique gifts available today for the hearing impaired as well as creative activities that keep dad actively participating in the conversation.

Planning Ahead

When you plan Father’s Day activities for your loved one, consider his hearing loss. A loud party may not be the best idea as it can leave him confused and frustrated because he cannot fully participate in the conversation. Here is how you can make the atmosphere more accommodating for a hearing-impaired father:

  • Be sure to sit at eye level with your father. People with hearing problems rely on visual and non-verbal cues for conversation. Being on the same level will undoubtedly aid in communication.
  • Make sure dad can see your smiling face. It will allow him to read your facial expressions easily.
  • Do not shout from across the room. Turn down the volume of television or radio and speak clear and slow.
  • Remember to take turns as you speak to your father. Too much talking at the same time can impede communication.

Gift Ideas

Father’s Day gift ideas include high-tech and practical gifts that your father will certainly enjoy for years to come. A few ideas include:

  • Alarm Clock – Dad may have trouble hearing a standard alarm clock in the morning. There are alarm clocks that vibrate, use flashing lights, and vibrating pads for placement under the pillow to wake those who have difficulty hearing.
  • Doorbell – Today, many doorbell models feature loud volumes and flashing lights to alert your father to the door.
  • TV listening device – A hearing loss makes hearing and understanding television programs a challenge. How about a tool to make it less of a problem? TV Ears are wireless headphone devices that will allow your father to adjust the volume independently of what others in the room are hearing.
  • Hearables – A popular wireless in-ear device that enhances a user’s listening experience, Hearables also feature options such as a heart rate monitor, and sports tracking are also available.


A lovely meal at dad’s favorite restaurant is undoubtedly a good idea. However, dad might enjoy a fun day at home spending time with loved ones who understand the challenge he faces and who create an atmosphere that engages him in the conversation. Loud restaurants can be a stressful experience for the hearing impaired. If you do decide to take dad out, try these tips:

  • Opt for a booth
  • Do not sit with a loud fan or speaker above your head
  • Do not sit near the kitchen, bar, or hostess area
  • Look at the person who is talking
  • Do not sit dad at the far end of the table

Enjoy The Day

Above all else, enjoy the day and the time you spend with your father. A little planning and a unique gift can make this Father’s Day a memorable time for your father.

 2018-06-06 09:00:15