Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

The first step to healthy hearing is our diagnostic hearing evaluation. We use the latest in diagnostic technology to identify if our patients have a hearing loss, and if so, the type and degree of loss present. Our comprehensive hearing evaluations are painless, easy to complete, and can finally give you the answers you need to improve your hearing health.

Your hearing evaluation will begin with a review of your medical history, lifestyle, and specific hearing needs. Your audiologist will then examine your ear to look for any potential blockages or signs of injury. Next, your hearing capacity will be evaluated using a complete series of audiometric tests. These tests are designed to identify which frequencies of sound you’re able to hear and, should a hearing loss be discovered, they help your audiologist understand the underlying cause. Our testing also simulates real-life scenarios by presenting speech amidst background noises to get the most accurate picture of your hearing ability.

When these tests are complete, your audiologist will carefully review your results with you. A graph of your results, called an audiogram, will be printed so you can clearly see what sounds you hear well and if there are any that you do not. If your results reveal that you’re a good candidate for amplification, your audiologist will then review your many options for treating hearing loss.