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At Kitsap Audiology, we’ve been helping our Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula community hear better for the last 28 years! We take great pride in caring for the hearing needs of individuals in our local area, and offer a warm and welcoming experience every time you visit.

By combining the latest advancements in hearing technology with the highest level of audiological expertise, we’re proud to provide our patients with the best hearing healthcare available. We’ve been designing customized solutions for our patients for over a quarter century, and treat each individual we see as if they were family.
Whether you’re in need of hearing aids for the first time or rely on customized ear plugs to preserve your hearing, our experienced staff will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. Visit Kitsap Audiology today and hear the difference!

We proudly serve our veterans and are providers for VA Choice. We specialize in filing Department of Labor and Washington State Labor & Industries claims for hearing loss.  We do all your paperwork complimentary and help you navigate the process. 

We are excited to announce our new office location – In addition to our office in Bremerton, we are also located in Gig Harbor, WA. We welcome you to visit our new office in Gig Harbor!


See What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Gary Waller
Gary Waller
My appointments started right on time and I was treated respectfully. I felt confident in the knowledge and understanding of the staff.
Robin Abille
Robin Abille
KA was very helpful in assisting me in acquiring a much needed hearing aid for my personal use. They walked me through an industrial industry claim, filled out all the necessary paperwork and explained the forms that I needed to submit. Then all I had to do is wait for a phone call to say that they were ready to fit my new hearing aids. Fantastic!
Tonya Swan
Tonya Swan
They do a great job, friendly, accurate, personable and they listen to you. Loved my appointment. Painless.
Tim O'Mahony
Tim O'Mahony
The staff at Kitsap Audiology are very friendly and helpful. They always go out of their way to make sure I have what I need.
John Johnson
John Johnson
Great people for your assisted hearing needs
alex grzybinski
alex grzybinski
its totally different on how my hearing has changed !!! Alex Grzybinski III
Allen C
Allen C
Very professional and accommodating. I have had a few issues over the last few years. They have always been able to resolve my issues quickly. You can get replacement items without an appointment.
Jerry Stansberry
Jerry Stansberry
Staff are verify friendly and knowledgeable. It's so nice to be so well taken care of by all of the staff.. Highly recommended.
Nikolai Scheel
Nikolai Scheel
Simon McDade
Simon McDade


We’ve built a strong reputation for sincere and honest hearing care over the past 28 years. It’s why our patients refer their friends and family to us, and it’s the only way we practice. Our team will always put your priorities and concerns first.


At Kitsap Audiology, we know that living with hearing loss can be a daily challenge. We strive to make every step toward healthy hearing an easy and gentle one. Visit our office today to experience what compassionate care truly looks like.


Helping people hear better is more than our profession – it’s our passion. Patient success and satisfaction is always our highest goal, and we’re committed to providing expert advice that you can trust. Kitsap Audiology only thrives if you do!


We take pride in the level of care we offer at Kitsap Audiology. Using state-of-the-art technology and over two decades of clinical experience, we provide top quality hearing healthcare to individuals in the Kitsap & Olympic Peninsula community.

Why Get Your Hearing Tested?

As one of your main senses, your hearing health can tell you a story about your overall health. Hearing loss can be an early indicator of many health conditions, like diabetes and circulation conditions. Since hearing loss can be gradual, it is important to get your hearing evaluated regularly, like you do with your eyes or teeth.

Your hearing pathway starts at your ears and ends at your brain. When sounds reach the inner ear, they are converted into a signal that is sent to the brain. So, your hearing health can directly impact your brain health. Studies have consistently shown how hearing loss correlates to cognitive decline and dementia. And people with hearing loss are at higher risk of mental health conditions, like depression. Healthy hearing = healthy brain.

Hearing loss can be very isolating; if you cannot hear what people are saying, then it is very difficult to maintain conversations and if you cannot maintain conversations, then your relationship with loved ones can suffer.

Did you know that certain medications can harm your hearing health? And this includes common over-the-counter medications and antibiotics. Typically, we are told of potential side-effects but no one thinks that medications could cause hearing loss.  

It has been shown that someone with hearing loss who ignores their condition can see up to a 26% increase in their healthcare costs after just 2 years. This is because people experience a variety of adverse health effects due to their hearing health, such as falls or other sources of injury.

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