Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids provide a service to their owners far beyond what’s typical of electronic devices: the ability to hear forgotten sounds. Like most advanced instruments, however, hearing aids occasionally do require maintenance and repair.

We offer repairs, maintenance, and professional cleanings for all makes and models of hearing aids. These services are also often covered by your hearing aid warranty. While we strive to finish most repairs in-office, we do need to send major repairs off to the manufacturer. In these instances, we are happy to provide loaner hearing aids upon request.

To get the most life out of your hearing aids, regular cleanings and maintenance are necessary. Taking the time to thoroughly wipe your hearing aids down after each use (with a dry, lint-free cloth) is a simple way to protect your instruments from clogging and diminished performance.

Don’t forget to use high-quality batteries in your hearing aids as well. At Kitsap Audiology, we’re proud to carry Power One known for being the longest-lasting hearing aid batteries on the market. We purchase these batteries directly from the manufacturer to ensure they are freshly charged and ready to perform. These are conveniently available for purchase at our front desk and will make it hard to ever purchase other short-lived batteries again!

Please feel free to visit us in Bremerton, WA or at our new location in Gig Harbor, WA.