Hearing aids alone are not always the complete answer for people with hearing loss, and this becomes apparent in various areas of one’s life. In particular, it can be difficult to carry on phone conversations with the ones we love or even perform simple tasks like scheduling a doctor’s appointment, all because it’s hard to hear the person on the other line. Assistive listening devices (ALDs) may enable you to add to the benefit your hearing aids can provide.

We readily encourage our patients to consider using CaptionCall as a way to help them stay connected and have clear conversations over the phone. A type of ALD, CaptionCall is considered one of the best phone captioning telephones on the market, and is available at no cost!

Using the same technology that enables televisions to show captions on the screen, CaptionCall utilizes an advanced system to transcribe what your caller is saying on a large, easy-to-read screen. Nothing else changes about your phone call, except that with CaptionCall, you can read what people are saying nearly as fast as they say it!

CaptionCall is also available as a free app for Apple mobile devices so you can have clear phone calls on the go! It translates your conversations into captioned text during the conversation, making it much easier to connect with loved ones or schedule appointments. This revolutionary technology is available to anyone who needs it – free of charge!