Custom Earmolds & Ear Plugs

Do you work in loud environments or enjoy recreational activities that may place your hearing in jeopardy? If so, you’re not alone. Recent estimates show that over 15% of Americans suffer from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), which is a permanent, yet preventable, form of hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noises. We offer custom-fit earmolds and ear plugs which work well for underwater activities as well as loud environments.

Many times, common sounds we’re exposed to can be damaging without us knowing it, including: lawn mowers, truck engines, motorcycles, garbage trucks, chain saws, power tools, rock concerts, gunshots, and jet engines. Although store-bought ear plugs can offer a small amount of protection, custom-made earmolds and ear plugs from Kitsap Audiology provide significantly better protection by fitting into your ear canal perfectly.

We know how hard it can be to live with hearing loss, which is why we’re strong advocates for preventing hearing loss from happening at all. We offer a full line-up of custom hearing protection solutions to preserve your hearing and offer all-day comfort. These are ideal for:

  • Air traffic controllers
  • Musicians (Musician In-ear Monitors or IEMs)
  • Concert fans
  • Industrial & construction personnel
  • Hunters
  • Sleep plug users
  • Law enforcement
  • Woodworkers
  • Machinists
  • Swimmers
  • Divers

As the name implies, custom earmolds and ear plugs are specifically manufactured to fit the unique contour of your ear canal. If you have trouble getting a comfortable or secure fit with traditional earmolds or ear plugs, custom hearing protection may be for you, as they offer the best hearing protection available. Earmolds come in a variety of materials and can be equipped with a fitted attenuator, enabling easy verbal communication while still protecting your hearing from harmful sounds. These types of earmolds tend to be popular with musicians, along with the in-ear-monitors (IEM) we offer.

Don’t wait until it’s too late: noise induced hearing loss occurs gradually over time and often sneaks up on sufferers. Sadly, most cases of it aren’t diagnosed until the hearing loss has progressed significantly. To protect your ability to hear for years to come, contact us to learn more custom hearing protection.