Otoscan® 3D Ear Scan

Otoscan® 3D Digital Ear Scan is now available at Kitsap Audiology!

Natus Otoscan® is a digital ear scan that is easy and painless. The 3D ear scan is an incredible tool that ensures you get the best possible hearing aid solution for your hearing loss. The Otoscan® 3D ear scan is also a great option for people who are interested in earmolds. The 3D ear scan ensures you receive the best possible fit for your hearing health needs.

Otoscan® helps us deliver customized hearing care efficiently by streamlining the process of producing custom in-the ear pieces such as earmolds and hearing aids. Novel technology transforms images of the ear into 3D digital files that are uploaded to Otocloud®, a cloud service for immediate use in the production of custom products. Otoscan® allows us to:

  • Increase efficacy on handling earmolds and hearing aids
  • Secure digital patient records for easy storage, retrieval, and use
  • Ensure a better fit and reduce remakes and returns
  • Enjoy a cleaner procedure

Are you interested in scheduling an appointment to get your 3D digital ear scan? Call us today and let’s find the customized solution that’s right for you.

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